Xogar's Journal

Entry #3:
Woah, this shit is getting heavy.
We started off wandering the streets of Cauldron, starting to gain some networks within the city. We learned of a political debacle occurring in the city, involving a large protest against the outrageous tax hikes. I wish I knew at the time what we were about to get involved with. It took me a few moments to collect my thoughts on the matter, and decide how I wanted to approach the situation. It’s not that I favor law, but I will not take a life of an innocent, good creature of any kind. However, I feel at this time that our actions in this political war in progress, what my brothers and I are about to do will be for the greater good.

So, there’s another ‘new guy’. Get a load of this fucking weirdo. Stands about a dwarf’s height, but is more bird-like than humanoid; my guess is a Tengu. Anyway he said his name was Ko_rrrr_an or something. I don’t know, Drogar and I argued for a while about how he pronounced it. I don’t know what Torgar and the birdman talked about, but all of a sudden the guy started following us. Creepy, right? But the group ultimately decided to let him join us, so I asked for his opinion on the politics of the city. Mind you, since Freya doesn’t want her own political career tarnished during this time, we are henseforth Snow White and the Dwarves. I adopted the name, “Smokey.” Torgar, “Drunkey”, and Drogar is “Sleepy.” He claimed his imaginary wife was, “Grumpy”. I responded, “She’s only Grumpy because you’re Sleepy.” Good stuff. He must not like the fact that he’s the runt of the group. Or the village idiot, not sure. He swung on me twice in the past two suns that wildly missed. The second time was in the streets of Cauldron when I counter-punched him in the jaw and sent his dick in the dirt. I warned him though.

What was I saying again? OH right the politics. So this guy comes out and starts shouting into the city, rallying up the protesters. Then the fuzz started rushing in like an angry mob and starts taking people out. Suddenly these OTHER psychos jumped out of the shadows wearing weird masks and X’d these orcs out in seconds. And just as fast as they arrived, they vanished leaving only a trail of chaos.

I got caught up in all of the chaos. Pretty sure I cast spells on the wrong people. I don’t remember much of the fight, truthfully. All I know is this is not the Underdark, by any means.

But I almost feel more terrified about what’s going to happen next. XOGAR

Entry #2:
First visit to the underdark was a success, though I wouldn’t say that it was without flaw.
My brothers and I displayed a combination of immense courage and stupidity when we took on this quest, but we all managed to survive. After evaluating my brothers (probably more than I evaluate myself), I have concluded that despite his alcoholism Torgar is pulling his weight as leader of our party. Despite his own addictions and moments of drunken stupidity, he has survived and kept us alive and on the right course of action thus far.

Mogar has begun displaying incredible talent in combat on a few occasions,
which remind me that I need to keep my temper in check on our next fight. Next time he may not take a bottle or a club to the head so lightly. Drogar is.. well, he’s there too. Freya keeps to herself, mostly. Doesn’t make it easy to trust her, though she probably feels the same about a family of Dwarven addicts.
This new guy joined us somewhere in the underdark; a very odd fellow. Before our encounter I had a vision (hallucination) of a bird flying into my vision and transforming into a man. I exclaimed to my brothers what I had seen, but they shrugged it off, knowing of my current mind state. Moments later my vision came true and Misserlou was
standing before us. I freaked out. My visions and hallucinations are becoming a blur of fantasy and reality, and if I’m not careful my mind could begin to slip away. This new guy, and Freya… they are almost strangers to me, but I know their hearts are in the right place and so I will continue to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The power granted to me from the traveling god Cayden has not been in vain. I have been sharpening my skills in order to survive, and as they say the quickest way to learn how to swim is to be thrown into the water. I have survived thus far, but have much to learn about my powers. Though after witnessing the trio of myself, Mogar and Torgar decimate a dragon by ourselves, I think we’re on the right path.

And Cayden smiles on the path ahead.


Entry #1:
My brothers and I have merely begun on our journey to the underdark, and already I’ve learned so much. Which is a good thing, because if I can survive in these rotten trenches, maybe these thugs back home won’t be so hard to deal with. The relationship with my brothers and I has begun taking an interesting twist as of late. Torgar, for example, was the one I look up to the most; he is older, should naturally be wiser.

He most certainly is not.

Has anyone even prepared for this trip, or are we just getting lucky?
All I know for sure about what lies in the dark corridors of the underdark is that it’s evil.
Like really fucking evil. I mean, dark is dark, and then there’s the UNDER dark.

So why do I feel I’m the only one spiritual enough to combat the evil? I hope I have much to learn about my brothers, for so far I am unimpressed.

Then there’s this Freya chick. Honestly, have NO clue why she’s here. Like, I remember meeting her at the bar, but she had this total snobby attitude and I’m like “biiiiitch… swerve.” Torgar said something about her having useful knowledge, but it probably involves her mouth in some way. Time will tell what I mean by that, I suppose.


Xogar's Journal

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