Band of Battlehammers

Mortar and Chisel (Part II)

The party returns to Cauldron seeking clues.

The Foreman continues speaking. “If we can persuade him to be stopped, that would be preferred. I am doubtful though; we have been investigating Terseon Skellerang for some time. Confident in his corruption, we backed Alek Tercival when he cited ”/wikis/The%20Laws%20of%20Old/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>The Laws of Old and extended a challenge of virtue to Skellerang." He once again looks directly at the dwarves. “We have not had contact from Alek in several weeks. He is to be considered missing, and his return is required. The City Council has delayed the challenge as long as possible, but the time will arrive shortly.”
“We can handle this challenge,” Torgar speaks up. More than one brother takes the opportunity to begin bragging about his combat prowess, and how he would best Terseon Skellerang.
“You cannot,” the Foreman replies. “According to Cauldron’s Laws of Old, only one with the blood of a founder may make the challenge. Only ”/characters/alek-tercival" class=“wiki-content-link”>Alek Tercival."

The Foreman ponders this for a moment in silence, and it is obvious it weighs heavily on him. “Come” hey says, perking back up. “We will conclude this meeting on the Basalt Bastions.” Maavu, The Honest Minstrel, and Mikimax all move toward another one of the secret doors in the wall fresco, and The Foreman waves the party along.

Moving through a series of underground tunnels and eventually to a flight of stairs, the band emerges atop of one of the massive walls surrounding Redgorge. The clear skies reveal a starry night above. Looking immediately to the west, upon the Demonskar in the distance, The Foreman sighs, then says philosophically “Surabar’s spells raised these walls in seven days, but his guidance has failed to raise a righteous society in as many centuries.” He encourages the party to begin their search with the local high priestess Jenya Urikas, a lifelong friend of Alek Tercival.

After resting for the night, the Band of Battlehammers set off on their return to Cauldron. Immediately they head for the church of St. Cuthbert, and have little trouble meeting with the high priestess. Her concern seemingly genuine, she knows little of his current whereabouts, but is able to direct the party to a local antiques dealer who is often Alek’s first stop upon returning from adventures.

Heading over to Lava Avenue, the party find Tygot’s Old Things, and meet the namesake himself. After attempting to sell them a few various trinkets and treasures, they find one of Alek’s more recent sales, a tablet with some inscribed drawings.


A brief glance at a map confirmed the location along the river southeast of Redgorge. Once again the Band of Battlehammers gears up and prepares to set off for adventure.


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