Torgar Battlehammer

The most drunk and most level-headed brother.


Bald, scarred, and bearded. Wears a fine suit of mithral full plate mail and takes every opportunity to show his family crest, usually through tabards or painted standards on his tower shield. He wears a bandolier of axes across his chest, for he believes that 12 axes are better then 2.

He is patient with his brothers, as he is older and more experienced with the dangers of the Underdark. Though he’s not the oldest he often takes the lead (as Drogar, despite being the oldest, prefers to defer leadership to someone else). And he does it all while drunk.


“I drink. I fall down. What’s the problem?”

A seasoned ranger hailing from Mithral Hall. Spent several years in training as a part of a scouting party, occasionally serving alongside Zenith Battlehammer. Charged with exploring the many passageways leading to the Underdark. Like many of his kin has developed a fine taste for beer and other fine spirits. Has joined his brothers on a mission to Sasserine and subsequently Cauldron to save one of his kin, a mission he believes in thoroughly.

Torgar Battlehammer

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