Freya Dracktus, Ambassador

Charming and beautiful Sasserine Ambassador.


Noble, upright, and very pale. Auburn curly long hair. A lot of make up (if you have seen her without make up you’re most likely no longer living). She is only seen wearing extravagant dresses and clothes, usually the newest styles in stock in her Sasserine dress and accessory clothing store.


“I believe in the same things as your deity, why not worship me?”

Not many know she is undead and even less know where or how she came to be. She is a daughter of the prominent Dracktus family, one of the seven noble families of Dawn Council of Sasserine. The roots of the Dracktus family and even the validity of the claim to be the real family are in constant question.

freya2EDIT.jpgHer true history is not told by her often because she worked very hard to achieve the status of a noble born. She would never admit that her father was a poor elven farmer, and before that a vampires blood sack. Though the vampire had many slaves he knew when Freya was born she was his. In the day one fall he escaped with his infant daughter. Very poor growing up and far from her decadent life style today she didn’t go without complements that developed her narcissistic personality today. She has turned this into an asset, serving as Sasserine’s Domestic Ambassador, welcoming and bartering with high profile, prominent visitors to the port city. Shes had the finest of educations, been proposed to over dozens of times, and when it comes to her personal fortune, the details of are very obscure. Truth be told she achieved her status more honestly than one would think of one from her family. She still states the only harm she caused on her way was saying no. Rumor says It was enough to cause a man to hang himself.

Freya Dracktus, Ambassador

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