Drogar Battlehammer

A short, slouching barbarian Deepwarden.


Being short, even for a dwarf, Drogar is even shorter in combat as he stoops in his attack stance.

He wears a green cloak hiding his deep, dark facial features and thick facial hair, or what remains of it on the burnt, hairless left side of his head. Shamed by this injury, the hood never comes off; even his brothers have not seen his burn since their childhood. Long brown hair hangs of the right side resting on his shoulder.

Proud of his heritage, his cloak and tabard have the Hammer of Moridin embroidered on his chest, with the foaming mug of Clan Battlehammer in place of the mallet head.



“I’m here, I’m ready! …Where are we and what are we doing?”

a work in progress
This brother favors swinging his axe over a good ale. His quiet demeanor certainly doesn’t match his prowess in battle. Quiet and stoic he prefers to let situations work themselves out he only speaks up when he feels his knowledge, his wit or his axe is needed.

Little is known about Drogar outside of Clan Battlehammer. Only his brothers know of the bald burn scar covering the left side of his head. At a young age while training he got too close to a blacksmiths forge resulting in the burn he now covers. As a result he has a uncontrollable fear of fire that still bothers him to this day.

Drogar Battlehammer

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