Mithral Hall

Mithral Hall is a dwarven stronghold under Fourthpeak Mountain in the Frost Hills, part of the Spine of the World. It is one of the most well known dwarven strongholds in the world.

Originally a Mithral mine belonging to Clan Battlehammer, this underground town became a safe haven for other dwarven families and even other races. Mithral Hall has had a long history of tragedy and triumph, and was the making and breaking of countless individuals.

Although the exact date is unknown, the Hall was founded by Gandalug Battlehammer. The settlement was originally set up as a mine due to the rich seams of mithral ore in the mountain. The business quickly grew into a thriving community. The location of Mithral Hall was kept extremely secret, so that other organizations wouldn’t invade. The dwarves used to sell their ore and weapons in nearby Settlestone, using it as a public front for the mine.

The deepest mines carved out by the dwarves of Mithral Hall broke into a shadowcavern, said to connect to the Plane of Shadows. An immensely powerful shadow dragon named Haerinvureem (known as Shimmergloom) aided by hordes of shadow creatures and a whole clan of duergar. The dwarves stood and fought allowing the few not strong enough the opportunity to flee. Among those that escaped was a young Bruenor Battlehammer. Bangor Battlehammer and his father Garumn Battlehammer died in the battle slaying hordes of Duergar. As they died their surrounding area was probably cursed as their bodies and possessions remained untouched centuries later.

The 300 or so dwarves that escaped fled to nearby Settlestone, where they waited for news, expecting their kin to emerge victorious and invite them back. The good news never came.

Ever since leaving his home when he was a young dwarf, Bruenor Battlehammer had wanted to reclaim Mithral Hall and avenge his kin. After spending many years living at the clan’s new home in Icewind Dale, the aged and respected Bruenor decided it was time to return to Mithral Hall. The sudden decision to begin the quest came after he completed the forging of Aegis-Fang.

Bruenor set off along with Drizzt Do’Urden, Regis, Catti-brie and his adopted son Wulfgar, who later became known as the Companions of the Hall. The journey to find Mithral Hall was a long one, as even Bruenor had forgotten many of the details of its whereabouts. They eventually tracked it down with the help of rumors, clues and, most significantly, a memory inducing potion. The combination of these aids led them to Settlestone (known at the time as “the Ruins”) where they stayed the night. They waited until the next day, and used Aegis-Fang’s magic to reveal the door.

Once inside they set about navigating the complicated tunnels. Along the way they encountered the dusty bodies of Bangor and Garumn Battlehammer, Bruenor’s father and grand-father. After laying them to rest in a nearby room, and donning Bangor’s Armor, Bruenor proclaimed himself the Eighth King of Mithral Hall

After slaying Haerinvureem, Bruenor made his way through Mithral Hall. With Shimmergloom dead, all that was left to do was clear out the shadow dragon’s vermin. Bruenor slayed vast numbers of duergar as he made his way through the tunnels and rooms. He eventually escaped the complex by climbing up one of the furnace chimney’s where he encountered (and was bitten by) a giant spider.

Although he managed to kill the spider, its venom quickly made its way through his body, and as he reached the surface and the daylight struck his face, he lost consciousness. He woke up in the care of Alustriel Silverhand who had foreseen his predicament and rushed to his aid.

Just a couple years later in a battle known as the Battle of Keeper’s Dale, an army of drow, goblins and kobolds led by House Baenre attacked Mithral Hall, from Menzoberranzan. The defending dwarves soon received aid from svirfneblin from Blingdenstone, local barbarians who settled the ruins of Settlestone, reinforcements from Nesme. After a few days of intense fighting, the evil drow and other races were eventually defeated and driven back to their shadowy homes.

During the Battle of Keeper’s Dale, Bruenor and the other Companions of the Hall freed Gandalug Battlehammer from an powerful spell leaving the ancient dwarf a servant of House Baenre. Following the victory, Bruenor abdicated his throne to Gandalug, the founder of Mithral Hall, making him the 1st and 9th King of Mithral Hall. The old dwarf died only a few years later, no doubt from old age, as the spell that had held him captive and postponed his aging had worn off. Bruenor, who had taken a few hundred of his dwarves back to Icewind Dale, returned to rule as Tenth King of Mithral Hall

Sensing weakness, King Obould Many-Arrows launched an attack on Mithral Hall with a huge army of orcs. The staggering army came from the Spine of the World. It was during this war that Slegna Battlehammer was tken prisoner, eventually suffering his horrible fate and disfigurement. Over the next few years the fighting continued and various battles and skirmishes between the dwarves and orcs caused huge amounts of destruction and bloodshed on both sides. Eventually Bruenor Battlehammer and Obould signed a peace treaty which ended the bloody war between the two Kingdoms. As the name suggests the treaty was signed at Garumn’s Gorge

Now Clan Battlehammer’s long standing status as the prominent family of Mithral Hall is waning. Having lost prominent members of the family during the last few military incursions, they are weakened not only against the threats of the Underdark (once again), but also against scheming threats from within.


Mithral Hall

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