Cusp of Sunrise

Cuspofsunrise_CLOSEUP.jpgAn eclectic and exclusive club located in Cauldron owned by Lady Ohpelia Knowlern. Requiring a very strict dress code, one gets in by invitation only. The party was presented an invitation by Celeste and once arrived, Proceeded past the doorman Renjin. They mingled shortly in the Grand Library before being received for their meeting in the East Wing with the ailing Davked Splintershield.

The center room of the Cusp of Sunrise is the Grand Library. Some 100ft tall, it is a circular tower whose inside surface is covered with bookshelves and iron ladders on sliding rails. A score of nobles are present at any given time, but very few are reading. Many are clustered in conversation as they sip wine and other fancy liquors, while others play a dice game at a series of tables. A few nobles eat hot food with silver cutlery while ensconced in plush leather chairs. A large harp stands on a small stage to one side, often unplayed. Servants in blue robes scurry about tending to the needs of the nobles present.

Four large double doors lead to the following wings:

  • North Door: Stables
    Nobles who fancy horses make a show of arriving via this door. Stabling and grooming is free for members, and there are always servants present.
  • West Door: Dueling Courtyard
    An engraved sign above the door reads “Dueling in West Courtyard ONLY.” Through the door is a glass-encased courtyard with finely manicured hedges and flowering plants. When not in use, servants in blue robes can be seen cleaning the grass and trimming the bushes.
  • South Door: Apartments
    The hallway behind this door leads to a series of about a dozen nicely appointed studio apartments. Members may stay as long as they like for free.
  • East Door: Offices
    An engraved sign above the door is marked “Offices.” Despite Renjin’s or any other host or hostesses’ warning not to enter, there are no posted guards. Inside, two spiral staircases meant for servants, one for upward travel and one for downward travel, lead to an underground kitchen. The rest of the wing has six conference rooms of varying sizes.

Things to do in the Cusp of Sunrise:

  • Order Drinks
  • Order Food
  • Play Dice
  • Chat with Nobles
  • Perform
  • Browse the Library
  • Reserve Office / Conference room
  • Reserve Apartment
  • Reserve Dueling Time
  • Reserve a Stable


Cusp of Sunrise

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