bhal-hamatugn.jpgThe small underground temple city occupied by an army of Kua-Toa said to be holding Zenith Battlehammer prisoner.

The Underdark passage opens out into a massive cavern easily hundreds of feet across, with a black lake for it’s floor. Faintly glowing with phosphorescence at the bottom of the rift is a massive stone structure shaped like a prehistoric spined fish. A wide stairway can be dimly seen leading up into the fish’s mouth.

The water is murky and silty, obviously only a few inches deep at first, but quickly gets surprisingly deeper. A thin mist floats a few feet above the surface of the water.

A long canoe emerges from the mist, drifting slowly toward you on the makeshift dock. Crouched in the stern is a silvery, frog-like creature, holding a paddle in one hand and a shortspear in the other.

It waves you into the boat.


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