Band of Battlehammers

Arrival in Sasserine
Four dwarves from Clan Battlehammer disembark in Sasserine.


And once they do, they head strait for the nearest tavern, of course. Being from such a distiinguished family, they arrived via special reception in the Azure District. Shortly after a few tankards of ale, they were greeted by Freya Dracktus, local Sasserine Ambassador and Concierge. They were supposed to have met her, but it was to be expected. Not one to decline their drink offer out of hospitality, soon she was involved in the conversation of a local crossdressing elf, one that shopped in her stores.

Xogar’s drunken advances were rebuffed by Freya and he called her a “racist bitch” and attempted to leave. She grabbed him, he kissed her which she didn’t resist and proceeded to charm Xogar. She told him to challenge his brothers for her time, and he sucker punched the nearest brother. The remaining three’s response was to attack Xogar. Torgar grabbed him, the others attacked, then he broke free.

A brawl erupted in the tavern, they kept fighting, mostly focused on Xogar. torgar dropkicked him. Mogar bullrushed him.

“I’ll save you lady!” Drogar decided to protect the pretty lady after a couple of beers. “Wait, where’s the lady?” None of them had realized she was gone already, having slipped out in the chaos.

Torgar grabs the brother’s drinks and passes them out, attempting to calm the riot. Drogar hops up on the bar and throws a full mug at a bartender, hitting a wench instead. Xogar goes after him, gets hit in the back f the head with a thrown mug. Drunk enough to think it’s Drogar in front of him, he knocks him off the bar. Drunk and feeling overconfident, Xogar flexes his muscles and leaps from the bar attempting to drop an elbow on his brother Drogar, and fails miserably smacking hard off the wooden floor.

Torgar & Mogar cheer some drinks Torgar found, and bet on Xogar & Drogar who are fighting. The brothers are drunk enough to confuse each other.
Mogar says “I’m betting 5gp on Mogar”
Torgar’s like “you’re mogar, man.”
Mogar responds “oh, well then I win, man”.

Mogar bullrushes Drogar knocking him onto a table, and Xogar smashes a bottle on Mogar’ss head cutting him open. Mogar rages, attacking Xogar. He tries to tackle him, but charges him into the table. Drogar yells for people to stop, but goes unnoticed.

Xogar says to his brother Drogar, “Hey brother, ‘high-low’!” Drogar nods and Xogar clotheslines Mogar as Drogar sweeps his legs out from underneath him, whipping the brother viciously into the floor.

Moments later, the Harbor Watch bolstered by orcs (recent mercenary hires by Harbormaster Captain Jack Christ), burst in smashing them all and quelling the fight. Awaking in garrison jail cell, they are still a bit drunk and attempt bust out, and are once again beaten on by the guards. Bailed out by Freya, she informs them they’re headed to nearby Cauldron to meet a contact with some information on their lost relative.

Travelling to Cauldron, they tell their cleric brother “Hey Xogar, you should be making ale for us!”
“Fuck you guys, pay me for it” Xogar replied.
“We pay you in not punching you,” Torgar responded.

They arrived at Lucky Monkey, Torgar grabbed the nearest bottle. He chugged it, and passed out almost instantly. Mogar grabbed it, chugged some and passed out. Xogar and Drogar followed suit. Freya grabbed it and passed out also.

They slept through the night in the silence of the empty tavern.


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