Zenith Battlehammer

Lost after a doomed foray into the Underdark.


A large and strong dwarf, it is clear he is battle hardened from his many years in Mithral Hall’s dwarven military. He bears many scars, tattoos, warpaint and piercings, often using the polished trophies of his conquests as jewelry. He stands strait and tall and responds as you’d expect from someone with his training: prompt and to the point.



“At ease, dwarves! We set off for battle!”

The rumors of Zenith’s appearance below the city of Cauldron were unlikely, but probably worth investigating. He led an army of dwarves deep into the Underdark. Slowly the army was bled until all were lost. Recently rumors of his survival as a prisoner of war beneath Cauldron have begun to surface.

Zenith rose to prominence training and fighting in Mithral Hall’s military, eventually leading many successful expeditions deep into the Underdark and against the many enemies of dwarves. Upon his ascension to leader of Mithral Hall’s forces he led many successful raids against dark dwarf and dark elf settlements.


Zenith Battlehammer

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