Xogar Battlehammer

An arrogant and inexperienced cleric.


This Dwarven cleric would appear a most unusual individual. His glorious holy armor glistens brightly under the rags of an old hemp poncho. His powerful Holy Staff, proudly showing the emblem of his patron saint, is pierced into the soil every time he takes a step, and he leaves coppers on the eyes of his victims. His brown hair is knotted in a dread-like mess, with various trinkets and beads hidden throughout the matted locks.

You can follow along the journey through his eyes by reading Xogar’s Journal entries.


“Uh, uh… (points at Torgar) …I cast at you!”

Is he truly devout saint? Or does he simply have no idea what he’s doing?
The dwarven Priest of Clan Battlehammer is under the guise that he left the Mithral Hall with hopes of becoming a devout cleric of Cayden Cailean. In reality, the source of his spirituality comes from the use of various hallucinogenic drugs. These illegal substances got him intro trouble numerous times in the darker shadows of Mithral Hall, to the point where he dare not openly show his face in his home city.

And so, he joins his brothers on a quest of beer, bitches and bastards, making it up as he goes.

Xogar Battlehammer

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