Skylar Krewis, Watch Sergeant

A ranking member of the Cauldron Town Guard.


Male human. Wears the armor of an officer of Cauldron’s City Watch, specifically a Sergeant.


Skylar_Krewis.jpgA longtime member of the Cauldron Town Guard, he was recently promoted to Sergeant and given command of one of the newly “enlisted” half-orc mercenary squads.

His path crossed with the Battlehammers during the recent tax riots. While attempting to arrest Maavu Arlintal, his squad was ambushed by some members of the Last Laugh Thieves Guild. Torgar Battlehammer recognized his plight, and provided some cover while Krewis made his retreat. The favor did not go unnoticed by the watch sergeant.

Skylar Krewis, Watch Sergeant

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