Mogar Battlehammer

A brash, drunk, and short tempered barbarian battlerager.


barbed_devil_tiny.jpgA thunderous and rude brawler with gnarly, dark brown hair and a thick ale-soaked beard surrounding a pair of wild icy barbarous blue eyes. His entire body is wrapped in an armor of mithril plates, with those covered in razor sharp spikes much like that of a barbed devil. Combined with his ferocity and propensity to charge into melees, he carries a reputation much like that of the barbed devil’s also. The buckler axe strapped to his forearm bears the standard of Clan Battlehammer, a large foaming mug of ale. Across his back hangs a hefty gigantic greathammer appropriately named Grimuzkul, Dwarven tongue for “Unyielding Death”.


“I’ve got 5gp on Mogar. Oh wait, I’M Mogar!”

A seasoned Battlerager of Mithral Hall. Mogar is constantly drunk and often boisterous. He’s probably just as brash when sober, if he’s ever been sober. He has no problem brawling or gambling. He loves his drink, and is always ready for a fight. With a fuse shorter than his brother Drogar’s wit, he’s quick (and quicker when intoxicated) to throw a punch or swing a hammer at the first creature to look at him abnormally.

Mogar Battlehammer

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