Maavu Arlintal, Moneylender

A prominent merchant of Cauldron.


A male human merchant. One of the more prominent and well respected merchants in Cauldron. He has large warehouses full of goods that he trades, and even larger warehouses he uses to rent as storage for Cauldron.


He is a most successful and consummate professional with his business as an import/export merchant and is excellently skilled at making deals. He makes frequent trips out of the city – primarily between Sasserine and Cauldron to bring in items for Cauldron’s citizens. Just about anything legal can be brought in from Maavu. He typically prefers to do business with shop-owners, or persons of good repute since he wishes to be sure not to make a trip for someone lacking integrity or wealth (in order to make sure he actually gets paid for the items he brings back).

Recently he has been heard complaining that it is getting harder and harder to maintain his trade business due to the recently increases in taxation throughout the city. During the infamous Tax Protests, he was implicated in attempts to incite a riot.

Maavu Arlintal, Moneylender

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