Jenya Urikas, Head Priestess

Local priestess of St. Cuthbert.


A pretty and assertive woman, she wears plain white save for an emphasized emblem of her patron saint. She carries herself proudly and though soft spoken, she can have a commanding presence when needed.


“Please find him… it is unusual for him to be gone this long without reporting in some manner…

alekjenyavertbanner.jpg A lifelong resident of Cauldron, she grew up alongside the more adventurous Alek Tercival, solidifying their lifelong friendship. Having been raised herself in the Church of St. Cuthbert, she was highly skilled specializing in scroll-craft, and rose quickly through the ranks, eventually finding herself as the Head Priestess of the Cauldron Church of Saint Cuthbert.

When they were younger, she encouraged a youthful and brash Alek to join the church. Inspired by her magical prowess and healing abilities, he was driven to perform well, and eventually swear fealty as a Paladin.

More recently, she has noted his long absences and though she opposes his delving into the Demonskar, she supports his efforts through magical and material means. Often providing vital information for forays against the lingering demons in the area, she requested that the Band of Battlehammers seek the missing paladin.

Jenya Urikas, Head Priestess

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