Davked Splintershield

An emaciated and cursed dwarf.


Old and emaciated from a magical wasting disease, he looks like the kind of skeleton or zombie you’d see in a dungeon. He speaks in short, broken sentences with a raspy voice that struggles.


“…I’ve had… clerics… wizards… cast powerful… divinations. They reveal… the location… of your kin…”

His oracles have come to learn the answer to his sickness may lie with another surprise: the presence of Zenith Battlehammer, a captive beneath Cauldron.

Introduced to you by Celeste inside the Cusp of Sunrise, you were advised to seek out your lost brethren in the Underdark. Passages beneath Cauldron recently collapsed, you were advised to find the hermit Crazy Jared, who would know another way.

Davked Splintershield

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