A mysterious woman always dressed in white.


A mysterious and beautiful woman dressed in all white, you first saw her when she delivered an invitation to the Cusp of Sunrise following the heroics during the attack by the fiendish umber hulk.


“Your presence is requested. Here, take this card…”

Always just Celeste, never a last name. You know little of Celeste, and those who associate with her claim to know even less. celeste1.jpgA member of the Cusp of Sunrise, she has been a regular for about 5 years and a citizen of Cauldron at least as long. She doesn’t talk about herself much and stays away from gossip and noble intrigues. She’s pretty enough that the noblemen chase her for dalliances, but not well connected enough for serious courtship to develop.

More recently, it was revealed by members of The Chisel that she is not all that she seems. The whereabouts of your kin, Zenith Battlehammer, is unknown since she last laid hands on him.


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