Alek Tercival

A paladin from Cauldron.


A Paladin, the usual type. Alec is your usual image of manly perfection, tall, well built, muscular to an extent, dark brown hair and blue eyes. Parts of his body are covered in vicious scars that he has gathered from his journeys, and horrific burns covering a portion of his skin.

He proudly displays the symbol of Saint Cuthbert on his gear and surcoat.

“Tragic back stories always lead to the best adventures, some have said.”

He grew up in Cauldron. alektercival23.jpgAlec has a good sense of humor without it being a detriment to those around him. He knows exactly when to be serious, although he will attempt to lighten the mood to the best of his abilities. He has his share of moments, outbursts of (what he sees as) justified frustration, and is able to compose himself most of the time. His paladin training has helped define his personality and reduce some of his flaws and keep him more well-rounded.

That isn’t to say he is some flavorless stick in the mud who babysits everyone near him. Not all situations need a long winded trial to find a resolution. People are allowed to have emotions and negative aspects but still be good people. He would be a hypocrite if he didn’t understand this all to a degree. He is rather paranoid since his return from his more recent adventures, and despite his social activity, he can be difficult to get close to. Tragic back stories always lead to the best adventures some have said, and he hopes that others will not overlook him for that very reason.

Alek Tercival

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