Band of Battlehammers

Returning Zenith to Cauldron

Wasting no time, the party teleports out.

With no hesitation the party immediately regroup and teleport to the gates of Cauldron, their target in tow with them. With Freya at the helm, they are allowed in, and head immediately for the Cusp of Sunrise.

This time an exception is made for their lack of fashionable finery, and they’re quickly escorted to the private offices. All eyes are on the dirty, disheveled dwarves and the silent, emaciated kin they escort. Upon reaching Davked Splintershield’s quarters, they are greeted by an awaiting Celeste.

No sooner does she greet them, in awe that they not only found but safely returned Zenith Battlehammer, than she disappears behind a locked door with the sickly door. “Davked is very ill, and needs to see his kin immediately. We will update you on their recovery.”

After changing their clothes, mingling around the Cusp of Sunrise reveals nothing towards Torgar’s inquiries. Soon they make their way into town to sell their bounty.

They decide to return to the Lucky Monkey and take a well deserved rest.


AbsurdHero AbsurdHero

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