Band of Battlehammers

Unrest in Cauldron

Tensions rise in the streets of Cauldron.

Waking once again from a night of drunken antics the brothers could hear clearly the sound of footsteps and the chatter of travelers outside the bar. A glance into the morning sun revealed numerous peasants scattered along the trail headed towards Cauldron. Interested in investigating, the brothers gathered their gear and decided it’s be best to use aliases. Walking outside they merge with the flow of traffic.

Torgar approaches one of the travelers, a strange bird-like man. Speaking with an accent, the Tengu politely begins a conversation with Torgar, and introduces himself as KiRen. In broken-common the birdman explains that many of these “unfortunate” peasants headed towards Cauldron are Sasserine’s poor, hired to protest during the current turmoil in Cauldron.

Xogar doesn’t take kindly to the foreigner, and gets in his face.
“You cool, man!” Xogar stares at the bird, nose to beak. “You coo man??”
“No friend it is quite warm here” KiRen replies ignorant to Xogar’s hostility.
“No man, you need to learn the lingo, man” Xogar threatens.
“Impossible. I know too much languages” KiRen answers.

Entertained by the confusion, Drogar laughs heartily as the group marches toward Cauldron. He begins mocking Xogar for his misfortune.

Not taking too kindly to it, Xogar responds, and Drogar escalates his shit-talking antics. He swings at Xogar, a terribly telegraphed punch. Xogar easily slips it and lets loose with a hook of his own, his large dwarven fist colliding with Drogar’s bearded chin.

Drogar landed face first in the dusty road.

The other brothers help a stumbling Drogar to his feet, and soon they reach a human traffic jam at the gates. An increased number of gate guards are questioning everyone attempting to enter the city. They part ways with KiRen, who sets off along the outside of the wall and pushed their way to the front. A few kind words from Freya and they were inside. Loud protesting could be heard in the streets to the north. overheard among the sounds were complaints of a recent tax increase. As they moved through the throngs of people, they could see city hall.

Several guards stood in a ring around the building, using their halberds to form a barricade to keep the people out. A small group of dignitaries, easily recognizable as tax collectors, scuttle behind the guards and into the safety of the building. The citizens boo and scream insults. Maavu Arlintal, a local merchant, climbs on a nearby ledge. He raises a hand and the demonstrators calm down a bit, then he begins shouting to the crowd. “Over three weeks ago, local Paladin of St. Cuthbert Alek Tercival, according to Cauldron’s Old Law of Peers, challenged Watch Captain Terseon Skellerang to prove his valor in a duel!” The merchant waves a copy of the decree, stamped and signed by Cauldron’s Office of Dueling. “The fact that the challenge has not even been published by the Cauldron City Council is a violation of the law!” As the words of the fervor-filled merchant begin to imbue the crowd with rage, a Watch Sergeant by the name of Skylar Krewis emerges from the city hall with an entourage of half-orc mercenaries. The people’s anger culminates when Maavu reminds them that Skellerang is feeding these orc mercenaries with their share of bread.

One of the half-orcs approaches Maavu, growling. “In the name of ”/characters/terseon-skellerang-watch-captain" class=“wiki-content-link”>Terseon Skellerang, Captain of the Town Guard, I must arrest you!" Quickly, a small boy emerges from the crowd screaming “Let’s kill these orc brigands” as he plunges a dagger into the heart of one. His screams are drowned out by the roar of the crowd erupting into a riot. Several hooded people emerge from the crowd near the other orcs, and in unison stab with their daggers, dropping the entire entourage of orc guards. Immediately Sergeant Krewis quaffs a potion and Maavu, startled by the eruption of violence, dashes into the crowd.

The brothers spring into action. Archers from the town hall fire at Maavu, hitting bystanders with their misses. Torgar returns fire, and the other brothers push through the crowd. On the steps a wizards summon appears: a Froghemoth, and the Battlehammers focus their attacks. Felling the creature with few casualties, Torgar begins searching the crowd for Maavu.

He spots the merchant waving him over from an alleyway, and waving his brothers over they follow the merchant out of town. Dashing through some backstreets, they soon make their way out of the fracas and into an open sewer entrance. Leaving behind a town hall strewn with chaos, an abomination carcass, and even a dead squad of half-orc mercs courtesy of KiRen.


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