Band of Battlehammers

Morning After at the Lucky Monkey

Waking up hungover in an empty, abandoned bar.

Waking up in a haze, they find the Lucky Monkey empty, having been too drunk to realize the night before that it was abandoned. Beer-Tankards.jpg Most of the brothers waking along with Freya, they decide to explore the place. Joining them late is Drogar.
“I’m here, I’m ready!” he huffs, charging into the courtyard… “Where are we? What’re we doing?” he tries to get his bearings. Finding the place completely empty and stripped of most of it’s goods, the signs of a flood and a brutal bandit attack still fresh, they decide to set off for Cauldron, less than half a day away.

In the hills outside of the city, they come across a large Bullette, attack it, and cannot hurt it. Having trouble piercing it’s armor plates, Freya calms the creature. Having not got his shot at it, Drogar takes a parting shot at the creature and hits it nicely, his axe finding a gap in the armor. Enraged, the creature pounces on him,
“Did a mosquito just land on me?” Drogar taunts, pinned down by the massive creature. With some effort they’re able to kill it.

Once in Cauldron, they perused the shops while Drogar enjoyed some whores. Coming out of the moneylender (he needed to get more change for his gold pieces), they regroup. Moments later, a fiendish Umber Hulk burst forth from the ground, collapsing the corner of Maavu’s Warehouse. Acting swiftly, the dwarven brothers slaughter the creature, but not before it confuses Drogar, who babbles incoherently.
“Nothing unusual” quips Torgar.

Impressed by the quick acting and superb display by the dwarves, the crowd roars. The brothers make Xogor carry their banner,and the crowd cheers “Battlehammer!” over and over. The brothers convince the crowd to cheer for ale, and they all make way to the tavern.

A beautiful woman dressed in all white approaches, compliments the dwarves on their battle earlier, and hands Freya a card, an invitation to the Cusp of Sunrise.

The next day, they go to the Cusp of Sunrise. Entering is a little awkward, as they didn’t realize they’re supposed to give the card back. Once inside, Torgar wins at dice, and then Celeste finds them, and takes them to Davked Splintershield. An old dwarf dying from a curse, he informs them they will need to find an alternate route to the Underdark, from a crazy old hermit.

They gather supplies, rest for the night, and prepare to leave the city.


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