Band of Battlehammers

Bhal-Hamatugn (Part I): Fish Shaped Temple

Arriving via ferry, the party charges into the temple ruins.

Drunk as usual, the brothers Battlehammer paid little attention to the two ravens on the front of the ferry, and paid even less attention when they started circling overheard. They might have noticed one of the ravens had three eyes. Not surprisingly, they paid even less attention when Xogar claimed to be seeing a man appear in front of them.

“I must be trippin,” he said, ingesting more of the drugs in his pack. He continued to freak out as he though he saw bats flying around (which actually wouldn’t have been unusual in the Underdark, except that there were none flying around at the moment).

kevsguyprofile.jpgThe raven turned into a man right in front of them. The dwarves began arguing, almost oblivious to the shapechanger. Perhaps they’ve seen stranger things in the Underdark. Freya cleverly interrogated the guy, judging him to be safe enough. His name was Misurlu Socartes, a travelling artist and showman. He didn’t say why he was in the Underdark, only that he insisted on tagging along until they made their way out. It would be safer that way.

Faced with three directions to go, past a curtain, double stone doors, and a portcullis, they opted for the gate. Torgar pullled a nearby lever, the bars raising a little bit with a screech, but he was stopped by Misirlou.
“Grab on to me” the newcomer cried. All of the dwarves did as told, and the group did a short teleport to the other side of the gate.

There they met two prisoners, a hairy, shirtless human and a little cloth-robed halfling. Both of them immediately began begging to be released and accused the other mummy.jpg of being a spy for the Kua-Toa. Not trusting either, the dwarves left the prisoners, ignoring their cries, and pressed on down the watery steps to a torture chamber below.

The chamber filled with waist deep water, they trudged through only to be attacked by a mummy. Most of their weapons barely hurting the creature, Mogar took the lead, smashing huge chunks of undead flesh from the mummy with every hammer blow until nothing was left.

Proceeding down a narrow corridor, they could hear the rhythmic chanting of frog like croaks growing louder and louder. Moving single file with Torgar in the lead, he came to an abrupt end, the backside of a secret door. He could clearly hear the chanting on the other side, peeking out he realized he was under a large ‘stage’ where the chanting was being done.
“We cannot disturb their ritual” Freya said. kt3EDIT.jpg
""Sure we can" Mogar replied. “I put a bolt through one ‘n he’ll stop.”

Stepping through the doorway under the stage, the dwarves felt a strong presence of evil, but continued. Behind them, Freya and Misurlu could not bear it, and froze int he corridor. Fanning out under the stage, they sent Drogar out to investigate. He was met with crossbow bolts from two floors above on the balcony. The brothers charged up two flights of stairs, slaughtering the Kua-Toa with crossbows. Mogar bull-rushed one, punching it over the ledge to it’s death. Drogar decided to jump across the ledge, and instead plummeted to the second floor balcony. Overestimating his abilities, Xogar attempted and failed to disenchant the 70ft tall statue. Nothing happened. Four Kuo-Toa clerics near the gigantic statue dominating the room blasted them with bolts, but the party charged forth, eventually killing the clerics in battle.

Almost immediately, a Barbed Devil appeared above and dropped to the floor below. The dwarves attacked, most of their attacks resisted except for Xogar. He stood toe to toe with the devil just out of range of it’s armored spikes, and smashed it with his holy staff, finally crumpling the creature. He asked his brother Torgar to take it’s tongue. Strangely enough, he also refused to leave copper behind for the devil’s corpse unlike his previous creature kills.



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