Band of Battlehammers

Bhal-Hamatugn (Part III): Battle for Bhal-Hamatugn (Cont.)

Retreating and regrouping, the brothers return.

Kuo-toa_-_Daren_Bader.jpgHaving suffered many wounds and retreating from Bhal-Hamatugn, the brothers set up camp and rest just outside of the Pit of Eight Jaws. After resting, with little planning they decide to charge back into the ruins.

Having easily remembered the route, as dwarves tend to do underground, they travel safely (especially for Underdark standards!) back to the ferryman. Despite having just slaughtered many of his kin, they thought it safe to ride across the massive underground lake.

About half way across, almost a hundred and fifty feet from the entrance to Bhal-Hamatugn, the ferryman made his move. With a strong leap he launched himself into the air, flipping the shallow boat over and dumping the passengers. With a quiet “bloop” the kuo toan disappeared into the water, ignoring the sinking dwarves as he darted out of sight.

Xogar quickly cast ‘water breathing’ on himself as did Misirlu, but the others had begun to sink and were out of range. They struggled to swim in the dark, murky water but made their way to the steps of Bhal-Hamatugn, never knowing of the massive danger stalking them from below.

Soaking wet, they make their way inside, also unaware of the kuo toan scouts watching them from the hollow eye sockets of the fish shaped temple. Believing themselves sneaky, they proceed down their original path through the temple. This time in the prison they opted to free the starving, dying prisoners who would remain across the hall under Misirlou’s care and Mogar’s guard. The rest of the party waited while Torgar continued on in order to loopp around and unlock the large double doors sealing off the main auditorium. Moving past the torture chamber filled chest deep in water, and out of the secret door beneath the stage housing the massive evil statue in the main forum, Torgar moved stealthily past the chanting kuo toan clerics, and quietly unlokced the main doors.

This time, Freya passed through the overwhelming barrier of evil with ease and joined her comrades. Leaving the unconscious prisoners under Mogar’s watch, Misurlu joined the fray. He and Freya remained on the balcony, providing support for the dwarven brothers who charged down the stairs. Torgar went to teh third floor, taking the high ground.

Their concentrated attacks quickly overwhelmed the lightning bolt throwing kuo toan whips, and almost immediately upon their fall a Barbed Devil appeared. Screaming something in Abyssal, another appeared at it’s side!
The brothers continued their attacks. Torgar raining down arrows. Xogar swinging his mighty holy staff, every strike bursting with a blast of white light and causing the devils to screech. Even Drogar stood toe to toe, flanked by Barbed Devils, every strike he lands also causing him to be impaled on the devil’s barbs. He didn’t stop swinging until he fell.

When Drogar hit the ground, the devils disappeared and reappeared, teleporting to Torgar. As he charged downstairs to draw them back to his brothers, Xogar stepped up and healed Drogar, returning him to the fight. Unfortunately, at that moment a dozen kuo toan warriors burst from the main hallway, crashing over a surprised Misirlou and Freya.

The brothers battling two devils, the casters battling a wave of kuo toan, the party was nearly overwhelmed when Mogar burst from the hallway!

Charging into the group of Kuo toans, he plowed one over the balcony while his spiked armor impaled those around him. He swung his massive axe cleaved monster after monster, lobbing chunk and spraying blood from the now scattering kuo toans. One of the devils having fallen, the party focused their efforts on teh remaining one, soon killing it.

kt4EDIT.jpgNot a moment too soon, as the High Priest once again emerged from his chambers, armored and prepared for battle. Once again, he launches bolts of lighting, toasting dwarven flesh with each blast. Still they press their attack, with little more luck than before. Torgar’s arrows causing the only real damage, tehy continue to push the attack. The high priest begins to fall back toward his chambers. A raging Mogar becomes enlarged, chasing the high priest around the base of the massive statue of Blidooploop dominating the room. All the brothers follow suit, chasing the priest as he darts for his door.

From across the room, Misurlu casts ‘hold portal’, and the High Priest is horrfied as he’s locked out of his chamber and overwhelmed by the combined might of a giant Mogar and his brethren.


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