Band of Battlehammers

Bhal-Hamatugn (Part II): Battle for Bhal-Hamatugn

Moments after the devil falls, the High Priest enters...

Despite the obvious old age and subsequent hunch of the High Priest, he still stands taller and larger than any other Kuo-Toan you’ve seen, warriors included. He doesn’t hesitate and empowered by the evil presence of the of the massive statue, he immediately blasts a lightning bolt into the nearest dwarf, Mogar. Already wounded from the previous fighting, the shock overwhelms him and he falls to the ground convulsing, the stink of burning flesh filling the air.

Torgar returns fire from the upper balcony, his arrows striking the high priest.

Literally ignoring the arrows sticking out of his body, the high priest presses his attack, Kuo-toa_staff_1.jpgusing a large staff with the pincher of a crab-like creature on the end.

All attempts by the party to return damage are thwarted. Arrows seem to veer of course or fall flat at the priest’s feet, swings and blows from axes and hammers do nothing. The brothers however feel every bolt, every blast, and every clubbing swing of the priest’s clawed staff. Their wounds begin to wear on them.

The hurt brothers decide to retreat, collecting together near the secret entrance where Misurlu and Freya are trapped, and they teleport out arriving near the Pit of Eight Jaws.


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